Sunday, June 01, 2014


The adventures of TinTin by Hergé (U.S. Edition 2008 by Little,Brown and Company,Printed in China,8册) Essays of E.B.White (Harper Perennial Modern Classics edition Published 1999) 《哈佛遗墨》(杨联陞 著,蒋力 编。商务印书馆2013年10月) 《天涯短笛——听张充和讲故事》(苏炜 著。广西师范大学2013年7月)
6月14日更新 TinTin in the land of the Soviets(Little,Brown and Company first U.S. edition:September 2007)TinTin and Alph-art(Little,Brown and company First paperback edition:December 2007)On a Chinese Screen(Published by HardPress Publishing,注:London:William Heinemann 1922年版影印本)