Thursday, July 31, 2014


《王羲之兰亭序》(历代书法名迹技法选讲,雷志雄 部主编。湖北美术出版社2011年9月1版2012年4月2刷) 《北平牋譜》(鲁迅 西谛 编。中國書店2014年6月1版1刷) An Appetite For Wonder by Richard Dawkins (Transworld Publishers,Black Swan edition published 2014) Factory Girls by Leslie T. Chang (First published in Great Britain 2009 by Picador,This edition published 2010) 《小说人生集:橄榄香》(董桥 著。Oxford University Press(China)Limited 2011) Country Driving by Peter Hessler (First Harper Perennial edition published 2011) Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (First published in the Penguin English Library 2012)


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